Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who's Gonna Fill His Shoes?

This entry has nothing to do with the music industry. The last couple of weeks have been spent not only trying to keep up with our family's home life but also with a family that I greatly admire. On Sunday January 31, 2010, this world lost a very precious soul...Rev. Mike Miller.
Brother Mike was my very first Associate Pastor at my very first Pastorate. He was the best at visitation hands down. He was the confidante that I needed when things were going tough. He always had a smile and a cheery word.
Mike and I go back a number of years. He was a Deputy Sheriff and I a Patrol Officer. We generally worked the same shift at our respective departments. Since we both worked in what was at the time a predominately rural area he was, quite literally, my only backup. He was there 'watching my six' when I really needed him.
He is survived by his loving wife, Shirley, sons Tony, Charles, Brian and daughter Stacy and their spouses and all the grand kids.
I say from my heart that Mike will be sorely missed. I wonder now who's "gonna' watch my six"? RIP Brother Mike, till we meet again. 

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