Thursday, January 14, 2010

Artists Must Start Making A Difference!

In today's socio-economic clime, artists should be having a field day with bookings to tell a hurting world about the benefits of life with Christ. But as I set here typing this I can't help but feel that no one is taking advantage of this opportunity. Why? What is it that keeps you, an ambassador of Jesus Christ, from going forth to tell what Jesus has done for YOU PERSONALLY? I've heard all sorts of excuses from financial consideration to the ubiquitous "They just don't like my style of sangin' no more." It's much deeper than that. I suspect that if you 'aren't being paid attention to' then it's time to draw attention TO YOURSELF AND TO THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST! Let's face it, if you aren't learning new material, keeping fresh yourself, your talents, your bookings and anything else you want to throw in there, then you aren't doing your best for Christ. Take a minute and really look at yourself, as others might see you; Be objective. Do you like what you see? Chances are that you can see for yourself that you need some sprucing up, some practice, some new material. If so, let me encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do you really think that Jesus, when He was going to the cross, was thinking, "man I can't wait to get there and let them strip me and pound nails through my hands and feet! Yeah, buddy!" Jesus asked His Dad earlier, "If there is some other way, can we go that route?" Jesus certainly pushed Himself out of His comfort zone for us, why can't we do that for Him? It's not like we are going to be crucified. Do your best for the Master. He did His best for you!

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